18 November 2007

Football fever

I've been looking forward to today's matches since last week.

1) Scotland vs. Italy
Black versus white and the result is shocking when the referee let Italy to kick the free kick after Italy committed a foul to Scotland defender. Pirlo kicked a brilliant pass and somebody made the shot in the last minute. Braveheart Scotland is now brokenheart. What a shame to have referee decide who's going to win. When this occurs, I football is not lovely anymore.

2) Israel vs. Russia
England must thank Israel for this big favour. Before the game, the English were really depressed and had little hope of going to Austria next year. Now they're back! That's the beauty of football; you never know who's going to win.

3) Bolivia vs. Argentina
It was quite at the beginning. Argentina didn't look like Argentina at all, even with all the best players in the field. After Kun's goal, in the 2nd half, things began to turn bright. And Riquelme scored twice!!! Amazing free-kick and brilliant 2nd goal.

17 November 2007

Farewell Alexander

Constantinos (a.k.a. Kostas) told me that Alexander has left us. He's in Greece now and should be back to London in February 2008.
Why? I asked.
Because you're too noisy and you move the bed every night and it wakes him up. He joked.
Well I guessed it, he is not satisfied with the course in City University and maybe this student house disappoints him too. I didn't even have a photo with him after 2 months living together at the other side of the wall. It's a shame to lose such a wonderful person in my life. Funny, historical and artistic talks will not come back again, at least not with him. Anyway, if I do want to know him better, I can ask for his email and write to him. The good thing is, I'll still be here next February.

The birth of a cat

Dear Cat, I've sent an e-card to your QQ-email. Go and have a look!

As for my beloved black cat bought from Hong Kong Conventional Centre, it's a pity I didn't take its picture with me. I should let Jason fetch it from Helen's and keep it clean and cozy. Here are two pictures of it with the Rabbit:

Why in English?

This blog is for friends who don't have access to Chinese or who happen to be not able to comprehend Chinese characters. Those who can read Chinese, please move to $here$ for a more efficient experience. Anyway, my English sucks, that's why you should leave if you find it boring. The rest of you, it's my pleasure to know you and let you know bits about me. Enjoy our lives here and there!